Lufthansa delivers 80 tonnes of vegetables and fruits to the UK, following restrictions imposed by EU countries

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On 23 December, Lufthansa a operated a special cargo flight to Great Britain. He transported 80 tons of fruits and vegetables, so necessary around the winter holidays.

We remind you that between December 21-24, Great Britain was isolated from the European continent. France has blocked all ground connections with the United Kingdom, blocking thousands of shots at the border.

The Boeing 777F Lufthansa Cargo aircraft operated the special flight from Frankfurt to Doncaster-Sheffield Airport in Great Britain. It carried cauliflower, broccoli, strawberries, lettuce and citrus, especially to UK supermarkets.

cargo flight Lufthansa Cargo to United Kingdom
cargo flight Lufthansa Cargo to United Kingdom

At the moment, traffic between Great Britain and France was resumed, with a number of restrictive measures. All those who want to travel from the UK to EU countries must take a negative PCR test for COVID-19.

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