Lufthansa continues strike on Friday - 7 September

Lufthansa continues strike and Friday - 7 September

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Lufthansa has started the strike season. After a first interruption of activity for several hours on Friday, 31 August, in Frankfurt and a new protest action on Tuesday, September 4, in Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich, the UFO syndicate threatened with a new, broader strike of 24 hours, Friday - 7 September, in case the company will not accept a mediation on salary claims.

According to a UFO statement released on Wednesday evening, the activity will be discontinued on Friday at Frankfurt's airports - the company's main air hub and third European airport, Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Hamburg. Basically, Lufthansa will cancel two-thirds of the scheduled flights during this period. (via

Lufthansa customers will be able to find flight information on the company's website -

The strike is based on a request to increase wages by 5% in 15 months and retroactively, starting with 1 in January, to recover the delays generated by three years of stagnation. UFO also opposes the use of interim seafarers in Lufthansa aircraft.

The company has proposed an increase in wages with 3,5 percent, the resignation of dismissals for economic reasons, the contracts of indefinite duration and the use of interim staff.

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