Lufthansa uses 10 passenger planes for cargo transport between China and Germany

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We are in the second month of the pandemic with the new COVID-19. All countries are affected by the new coronavirus. There are over 2.5 million cases reported worldwide, of which 177000 people have lost their fight with the virus.

During this period, the cargo fleet is overloaded. Hundreds of aircraft carry medical equipment, medical instruments and other resources daily in the fight with the new COVID-19. They are operated on dozens of special cargo flights. Inclusive Antonov An-225 aircraft was introduced to fight the new coronavirus.

Lufthansa uses 10 passenger aircraft for cargo transport

Lufthansa uses 10 passenger aircraft for cargo transport

Lufthansa has started operating cargo flights with passenger planes. Airbus A350 aircraft operate 2 daily flights between Beijing / Shanghai and Munich to carry medical and protective equipment. AeroGround employees at the Munich airport unload their planes, and the goods are transported to hospitals in Bavaria.

Lufthansa folosește 10 avioane de pasageri pentru transport cargo

Lufthansa uses 4 A350-900 aircraft to honor these humanitarian flights to / from Munich. Similar missions operate with 6 Airbus A330 aircraft from Frankfurt. With these 10 passenger aircraft, Lufthansa managed to generate a bridge between China and Germany to constantly cover the need for medical equipment.

At the same time, it supplemented the cargo fleet, which consists of 17 aircraft dedicated to freight transport. It is estimated that the 10 Lufthansa passenger planes will operate such flights by mid-May.

Normally, Airbus A350 and A330 Lufthansa aircraft carry passengers on long-haul routes to North America, South America and Asia. However, as mentioned above, airlines supplement the fleet of cargo planes with passenger planes, specially modified for cargo flights.

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