Lufthansa Group passengers will be required to wear surgical masks / FFP2.

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Update January 24: Austrian Airlines will impose FFP2 masks on board its aircraft starting January 25, 2021

Initial news January 23: Airlines that are part of the Lufthansa Group (Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, SWISS, Eurowings, etc.) introduce the requirement to wear a surgical mask or a higher standard of protection on their flights to and from Germany. The regulation enters into force on 1 February.

From 1 February 2021, passengers will be required to wear either a surgical mask, an FFP2 mask or a KN95 / N95 standard mask during boarding, flight and departure from the aircraft. Daily masks will no longer be allowed.

We remind you that Lufthansa Group air operators have already introduced the requirement to wear a mask on board aircraft from May 2020, being the first airlines to impose this rule. Until now, textile masks or scarves were also allowed, and it was important to cover the nose and mouth.

By adapting the regulation, the Lufthansa Group is now imposing a new resolution, adopted by the German federal and state governments on 19 January.


Lufthansa passengers will be required to wear medical masks on board aircraft to and from Germany.

In order to allow passengers to adapt in time to the new rules, they will be informed by e-mail, on the websites of the airlines, but also on social networks.

As before, an exemption from the obligation to wear a mask during the flight for medical reasons is possible only if the medical certificate is issued on a form provided by Lufthansa and a Covid 19 negative test is available, which is not older than 48 hours, and is presented before boarding.

In principle, infection with the new coronavirus on board is very unlikely. All Lufthansa Group aircraft are equipped with the highest quality air filters (HEPA filters), which ensure an air quality similar to that in the operating room. In addition, the air circulates vertically instead of being dispersed in the cabin.

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  1. Giorgeta calarasu says

    Hello, on 16 04 2021 we have a flight to the Dominican Republic with a stopover in Frankfurt, we are vaccinated, we have the booster done, do we need a PCR test?

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