Lufthansa Group handled 92% of refund requests in the first 6 months of 2020.

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2020 came bundled with a COVID-19 pandemic. And this has attracted travel restrictions imposed by world governments. Globally, there have been and are tense times, with industries blocked, with hundreds of thousands of people laid off, millions of people directly and indirectly affected by travel restrictions imposed by the authorities.

There were times when over 17 planes were detained on the ground, and hundreds of airlines have temporarily suspended their activities. Hundreds of thousands of employees have lost their jobs or are leaving. Millions of passengers were forced to cancel their trips and were left with money stuck at airlines and travel agencies.

Among the affected companies are those from Lufthansa Group (Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian Airlines and Brussels Airlines).

According to a statement issued by Lufthansa Group, we learned that 92% of the reimbursement requests were resolved, which were registered in the first 6 months of 2020. At the same time, Lufthansa Group companies paid over EUR 2.3 billion to passengers affected by canceled flights.

Lufthansa Group promises to resolve all applications by the end of August by the end of June. Which means another 8%. However, Lufthansa Group companies continue to claim refunds on canceled or restricted flights in July-August.

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