Lufthansa launches "Packed & Ready"

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Lufthansa invites Facebook fans to add pictures with items they would include in their travel luggage and then share their story to win prizes.

Lufthansa carries over 50 millions of luggage annually, each of them telling a bit about the owner's travel stories. This inspired Lufthansa to launch a new competition at the beginning of 2013. “Packed & Ready” is a contest through which Lufthansa fans can win prizes if they upload images to Facebook that illustrate the objects they would like to include in their virtual suitcases. They are also asked to argue why their suitcases are so special. The competition on Facebook will run until February 28.

Packed & Ready

Like all of us, Lufthansa is curious to know what we have in our suitcases, that's why it created the "Packed & Ready" contest. Along with the opportunity to share with the Facebook community why their suitcases are special, users will be able to add effects to images, create a profile cover that illustrates the contents of the suitcase, and also use the image as a profile photo. In addition, users can select the countries they have visited using their luggage and tag their Facebook friends with whom they have traveled.

All entries will receive ratings and all participants will be able to vote on their favorites. The baggage and stories that will get the most votes will then enter the race to win the travel prizes: cabin bag, Lufthansa backpacks and Lufthansa "seat belts" agendas.

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