Lufthansa launches Sleeper's Row on long and very long flights

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Îfrom 2 August, Lufthansa passengers traveling in Economy class on certain long-haul flights will have the option to book 'Sleeper's Row' at check-in or at the gate before the flight. With this new attractive offer, passengers will receive a whole row of seats for themselves, consisting of three to four adjacent seats, throughout the flight.

This offer comes with a pillow, a blanket and a comfortable mattress similar to those used in Business Class, allowing passengers to fully relax while on board before reaching their final destination. In-flight safety is ensured by a special belt, which remains fastened even when the passenger is lying down, including separate safety instructions.

Passengers booking a Sleeper's Row can benefit from pre-boarding, allowing them to board the plane earlier than other guests.

Lufthansa offers "Sleeper's Row" on long-haul flights of about eleven hours or more, for example on routes to the Far East, the west coast of the United States, Central and South America or South Africa.

The additional fee is between 159 and 229 euros per segment. A maximum of three rows are offered for each flight. Advance reservations are not possible.

Lufthansa tested the "Sleeper's Row" option on the Frankfurt - São Paulo - Frankfurt route for a few weeks at the end of last year. The option received positive feedback from passengers and was highly requested, being an additional step towards a greater diversity of products in Economy Class to satisfy passengers' desires for more comfort and individuality. By equipping aircraft that operate long-haul flights with this flight option, Lufthansa offers its passengers additional services to make the flight even more enjoyable.

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