Lufthansa moved the first Airbus A380 to Munich

On 17 March 2018, the first Airbus A380 Lufthansa arrived at the base in Munich. The D-AIMB aircraft is the first of the 5 announced for relocation to Munich.

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In the 2018 summer season, Lufthansa wants to increase the transport capacity on several long-haul routes from Munich. To achieve its goal, it will relocate 5 Airbus A380 aircraft to the Munich base.

The first Airbus A380 in Munich

On March 17, 2018, the first Lufthansa Airbus A380 (D-AIMB) plane landed at Franz Josef Strauß International Airport in Munich. It is no coincidence that the A380 (D-AIMB) was chosen, bearing the name… "Munich". Airbus A380 (D_AIMB) is configured in 4 classes and can carry up to 509 passengers: 8 seats in First Class; 78 places in Business Class; 52 places at Premium Economy; 371 seats in Economy Class.

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Starting with 25 March 2018, Airbus A380 Lufthansa aircraft will fly from Munich to Los Angeles (LH452), Beijing (LH722) and Hong Kong (LH730).

With the move of the 5 A380 aircraft from the 14 existing in the Lufthansa fleet, 500 new jobs were also created at the airport in Munich, the second hub of the German carrier. It is worth mentioning that no jobs will be lost in Frankfurt.


The 5 A380 will join the other Lufthansa aircraft from Munich, which are meant to operate long-haul flights, and recall Airbus A330-300, Airbus A340-600 and Airbus A350-900.

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