Lufthansa received the first Airbus A320neo

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20 January 2016, the date when Airbus and Lufthansa have started a new era in commercial aviation. Lufthansa received the first Airbus A320neo (D-AINA), new generation aircraft. Equipped with the new Pratt & Whitney PW1100G-JM engines, the A320neo sets a new standard of performance, offering 15% reduced fuel consumption (up to 20% in 2020) and a considerable reduction in CO2 and noise emissions.

VIDEO: The first Airbus A320neo was assembled

Lufthansa commanded 116 aircraft from A320neo family: SWISS will receive 10 x Airbus A320neo and 5 x Airbus A321neo; Lufthansa will receive 60 x Airbus A320neo and 40 x Airbus A321neo. First Airbus A320neo (D-AINA) Lufthansa is set for 180 seats and will arrive in Frankfurt during this day, 22 January 2016.


Last year, Lufthansa celebrated 60 years of flights. During this period, Lufthansa Group commanded a total of 582 aircraft, including 386 from the A320 family, of which 116 are NEO (71 A320neo and 45 A321neo). Lufthansa Group has operated the full range of Airbus widebody aircraft, from the innovative A300 / A310 to A380 (14 in operational service), A330 and A350 XWB (25 of ordered units).

VIDEO: Airbus A320neo received standard certification from EASA and FAA

The A320neo family of aircraft has enjoyed real success, registering orders for 4.500 aircraft from nearly 80 customers, from 2010 to the present. In addition to the new engines, the A320neo aircraft are equipped with the latest cabin technologies and Sharklet devices.

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