Lufthansa recognizes the seriousness of the aviation situation!

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In an open letter, Lufthansa officials acknowledged the seriousness of the aviation thing. They apologized to tourists for the mass cancellations of flights and acknowledged in advance that in the short term the situation will not only improve, but even worsen and Lufthansa will cancel more than 2 flights. 

The number of passengers continues to increase after the repeal of the COVID-19 rules, however airlines and airports cannot keep up with this increase. And the problem is not just with Lufthansa, but with most airlines around the world.

"As the number of passengers continues to grow, whether for leisure or business travel, the situation is unlikely to improve in the short term. The employee crisis is deepening!Lufthansa said in a statement. It is stated that the carrier continues to recruit new staff. But the number of people who want to fly in the summer is still high, which means that the industry will have problems until the winter.

"Almost every company in the aviation industry is recruiting new employees these days. However, the increase in capacity will have the desired stabilizing effect only in winter ", added Lufthansa. European airports have similar staffing difficulties, so a rapid improvement in the aviation industry cannot be expected.

"Everyone involved in aviation around the world reaches the limits of currently available resources almost daily. And the acceleration of the airline industry from almost zero to 90% in a very short time is not in line with the reliability, robustness and punctuality that we would like to offer you again.".

We remind you that Lufthansa has announced the cancellation of over 3000 flights from July to September from its hubs in Frankfurt and Munich.

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