Lufthansa is restructuring. Quit some of the aircraft A380, A340, B747 and A320.

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Lufthansa takes drastic measures in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. And these measures are not temporary, but in the medium and long term. It is clear that after this pandemic, humanity will no longer be the same. In addition to this crisis generated by the new coronavirus, we will also face an economic crisis.

Given the fact that some specialists predict that Aviation and tourism will return to "normal" only in 2 years, airlines are taking drastic restructuring measures now. IATA warns! 25 million jobs in aviation and travel are in danger. Imagine that over 2 million flights were canceled in just a few months.

Lufthansa is restructuring

The Deutsche Lufthansa AG Executive Board does not expect aviation and tourism to return to pre-coronavirus performance immediately. According to the assessments and as several industry experts point out, it will take months for travel restrictions to be lifted, for governments to open borders, and people to start traveling with increased frequency.

Lufthansa is restructuring

Based on this assessment, Lufthansa Executive Board has decided to take extensive measures to reduce long-term operational capacity. The decisions made will affect almost all Lufthansa Group flight operations.

La Lufthansa, will be withdrawn from the operational service 6 x Airbus A380 and 7 x A340-600, as well as 5 x Boeing 747-400. In addition, 11 x Airbus A320 will be withdrawn from short flights.

The fleet restructuring plan existed before coronavirus, only now its implementation will be urgent. The 6 Airbus A380 aircraft they were planned to be withdrawn in 2022. And A340-600 aircraft withdrawal and Boeing 747-400 they were scheduled to be released from operational service on the basis of ecological and economic disadvantages. Thus, Lufthansa will considerably reduce operational activity from the Frankfurt and Munich bases.

More, Lufthansa city line will also retire 3 Airbus A340-300 aircraft. Starting with 2015, the regional operator operates long-haul flights to tourist destinations on behalf of Lufthansa.

Eurowings it will also reduce the number of aircraft in its fleet. Another 10 x Airbus A320 is phased out. And automatically there will be a reduction of the operational program on short and medium disks. Eurowings' long-courier activities will also be reduced.

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