Lufthansa temporarily gives up its Airbus A340-600 aircraft fleet

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In the coming weeks, Lufthansa will temporarily drop the entire fleet of Airbus A340-600 aircraft. Three of them arrived in northeastern Spain, at Teruel Airport.

Lufthansa plans to transfer to Teruel the entire fleet of A340-600, which has 17 aircraft. The Teruel Airport platform is used for the storage, preservation or dismantling of aircraft. A kind of cemetery for commercial aircraft.

Lufthansa waives A340-600

Lufthansa waives A340-600

In the next 2-3 months, all Lufthansa A340-600 aircraft will be decommissioned. They will definitely not be used in the next year, maybe even a year and a half. Lufthansa does not exclude the idea to reactivate up to 10 A340-600 aircraft, but this will be fixed later. My intuition says that they will no longer be activated.

Lufthansa has announced a comprehensive restructuring plan, dropping some of the A380, A340, B747 and A320 aircraft.

Due to the pandemic with the new coronavirus, many airlines have decided to reduce their operational fleets. And the wide-body airplanes are the first withdrawn from the commercial service. According to some specialists, tourism and aviation will reach "normal" only by 2023. Which justifies the action of Lufthansa and beyond.

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