Lufthansa, company of 5 stars from Europe

Today, Lufthansa received 5 Skytrax stars, being the first company in Europe and the first outside Asia to enter the elitist circle of commercial aviation.

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Lufthansa has entered the world aviation elite, receiving 5 Skytrax stars. Thus, the commercial aviation elite reached 10 airlines: » ANA All Nippon Airways; » Asiana Airlines; » Cathay Pacific Airways; » Etihad Airways; » EVA Air; » Garuda Indonesia; » Hainan Airlines; » Lufthansa; » Qatar Airways; » Singapore Airlines.

Lufthansa, company of 5 stars

As you can see, Lufthansa is the only company in Europe with 5 Skytrax stars, but also the only airline outside Asia.

This certification comes from sustained efforts to modernize company services, both on the ground and in the air. The Skytrax jury examines all the services offered by an airline, with 800 judging criteria.

For Skytrax, the consistency and consistency with which Lufthansa advanced with the modernization of the service were key elements in the decision to award the 5 stars. For example, First, Business, Premium Economy and Economy cabins have been completely upgraded.

Lufthansa has also achieved important points by digitizing ground and air services. It is very important for passengers to be able to take advantage of as many digital opportunities through which they can customize their travels.

At the World Airline Awards (based on responses received from 19.8 millions of passengers from 105 countries), Lufthansa won the 1 place in Europe and the 7 place in the world.

Starting with 1990, Skytrax conducts quality surveys of airlines and airports. In 1999, Skytrax first awarded 5 airline stars. So far, only ten airlines around the world have achieved the highest Skytrax rating.

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