LunarCrush sends $1.5 million to the moon

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The company LunarCrush, which invests in cryptocurrencies and NFTs, will send the key to an electronic wallet containing 62 bitcoins to the moon. At today's value, the 62 bitcoins are worth about $1,5 million. If they don't rush the delivery, their value may drop further. Bitcoin is not going through a favorable period.

The special delivery to the main satellite of the Earth is scheduled for the fall of 2023, during the launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket as part of the Artemis 1 mission. These bitcoins will be a reward for the first person to reach them.

“When you set a seemingly unattainable goal, innovation can be incredible. Our goal is to inspire people to create communities that will usher in a new era of discovery. All students, groups and companies can go to the moon and find treasures there,” said Lunar Crush CEO Joe Vazzini.

"The Bitcoin reward, named Nakamoto_1, will be unlocked by the first space traveler to reach the Moon and obtain the wallet key, which will be engraved on a Lunar Outpost MAPP rover. "

It may just be an April 1st story! It can be a real mission! Anyway, the idea seems fantastic!

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