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Wizz Air has announced the launch of the new optimized website for mobile browsers, to complement the existing website and apps for Apple and Android.

"Our studies show the expansion of the use of mobile devices by our customers to find and book flights to WIZZ, and our new mobile website makes the process much easier," said Johan Eidhagen, Marketing and Brand Director of WIZZ . "The first version focuses on the most popular booking requirements. Check-in and service features will be added in the coming weeks. ”

The mobile website - m.wizzair.com - was launched on Monday and connects via the mobile device's web browser. While most customers with mobile devices use the WIZZ app on iOS or Android platforms, a small number of customers use the devices' web browser and can now opt for the mobile website. In addition to increasing functionality through updates, the mobile website will be available in eight languages.

"The number of visitors accessing the WIZZ website via mobile devices has recently increased as a percentage of total visits, so the addition of the new mobile version is very timely," said Eidhagen. "Our customers are always eager to use new tools to make the WIZZ experience even easier than in the past, and our new mobile website gives them that opportunity."

Wizz Air is undergoing a major rebranding process and started to optimize its services for its customers. Announced one new livery for aircraft, has launched a mobile-friendly website version and promises a site upgrade for faster bookings.

I took a look at the smartphone version of the site. I have a Huawei P8 Lite with Android, and the browsing experience can be improved. It's a big step for Wizz Air with the launch of this dedicated mobile site, but there would be something to work on, especially the text size. A big minus is that switching to the mobile version doesn't happen automatically when you get on a smartphone.

Below are some pictures, screenshots.

What is your experience with the new mobile version of the Wizz Air website?

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