Madeira no longer applies entry restrictions, but COVID-19 rules are locally active

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Travelers arriving in Madeira are no longer required to present valid travel documents for COVID-19.

"There are no restrictions on the entry of passengers into airports, ports and marinas in the Autonomous Region of Madeira", is stated in the statement of the Regional Tourism Council of Madeira.

This means that all travelers, regardless of their country of origin, can enter the Autonomous Region of Madeira without having to provide a valid vaccination, recovery or testing certificate on arrival.

However, the authorities noted that everyone is still advised to check in before arrival. "All passengers must complete the epidemiological survey of the Regional Health Authority on the Madeira Safe digital platform", authorities added.

Although Madeira has repealed its entry rules, the region continues to maintain general measures on COVID-19. Wearing face masks continues to be mandatory in open and closed areas. Such a requirement applies to all persons over six years of age.

In addition, everyone is still required to present a vaccination or recovery certificate when accessing bars, restaurants, nightclubs, gyms, theaters and other events. Unvaccinated and non-vaccinated people can access these places with a negative test result.

Unlike Madeira, mainland Portugal continues to maintain COVID-19 entry rules. Those wishing to travel from Madeira and Porto Santo to Portugal must follow the rules for entering Portugal.

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