MFA makes an announcement on the vignette for Romanian citizens who want to travel to Bulgaria!

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The MFA strongly recommends that Romanian citizens traveling on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria take into account the fact that, according to Bulgarian law, the electronic sticker must be purchased BEFORE entering the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. By purchasing the electronic vignette ahead of time, before entering Bulgaria, fines are avoided and tourists can enjoy a holiday without incident!

The electronic vignette can be purchased online through the website (with Romanian version as well - or via the corresponding BGTOLL mobile application.

Also, the electronic vignette can be purchased, in cash, at the regional offices of the Agency "Road Infrastructure" and through ATMs. A graphical distribution of them can be found at lnext ink!

When purchasing the BG electronic sticker by bank transfer, it will be activated after approximately three working days, due to the specific procedures of the bank payment confirmation system. In case of payment by bank card, the activation of the BG electronic sticker will take place after a few minutes (more information on this topic at the official link).

Observe the legislation in force for a quiet holiday!

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