Maintenance of an Airbus A380 Air France (video)

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We write daily about travel, flights, airlines, monitor everything moving in the civil aviation industry, but how many of you have wondered how the planes we fly are maintained? Air France raises the curtain slightly and presents us with pictures from behind the scenes.

Images with the maintenance of an Airbus A380 Air France when not on the bellows or in flight.

Air France owns a fleet of 8 Airbus A380 aircraft and serves six destinations: Johannesburg, Los Angeles, New York JFK, Singapore, Tokyo-Narita and Washington DC. Since September, he will fly three times a week to Shanghai. The next two A380 will arrive in September 2013 and in 2014, and another two at once not yet established.


Everything Air France presented how an Airbus A380 is prepared for flight.

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