Maintenance of the Etihad Airways fleet during the COVID-19 pandemic (video)

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For 16 years, Etihad Airways has been flying from Adu Dhabi to dozens of destinations around the world. It has a large fleet of approximately 100 aircraft. Most are dedicated to long-haul flights.

On a normal day, Etihad Airways operates 220 flights. But unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has suspended millions of flights, and over 15000 aircraft in the global fleet are being detained on the ground. Even Etihad Airways was affected by this pandemic and had to cancel thousands of flights and block much of the fleet on the ground.

Most of the Etihad Airways fleet has gone through a broad conservation process. The aircraft engines were silent. Only cargo planes and a few passenger planes, which are used on repatriation flights and special strategic flights, remained in the operational service.

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What's next? As it turns out, keeping a fleet of aircraft on the ground requires as much expertise, dedication and money as keeping it airborne.

Airlines lose a lot of money while the planes are on the ground. Even Etihad Airways faces financial difficulties. But make every effort to keep the fleet fit for flight. When the restrictions are lifted and the world is ready to travel, Etihad Airways will be ready too.

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