Malaysia Airlines flies with more empty aircraft

Malaysia Airlines flies with more empty aircraft

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Having been involved in the biggest aviation accidents of the year, Malaysia Airlines undergoes a difficult economic situation and an acute crisis of image. Several people posted photos of Malaysia Airlines aircraft interiors on the Internet, with some flights operating almost empty.

In the spring of this year, a Boeing 777-200ER Malaysia Airlines is gone. The aircraft had 239 persons (227 passengers, including 2 children and 12 crew members) on board and the aircraft the flight is NOT between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing.

On 17 July 2014, Malaysia Airlines airline suffers a second image shock. A Boeing 777-200ER (9M-MRD) Malaysia Airlines crashed at 80 km from the city of Donetsk in Ukraine. From the first information, it appears that the aircraft was shot down from 10 000 meters, being hit by a ground-to-air missile fired by pro-Russian separatists. Aboard Boeing 777-200 Malaysia Airlines (the flight is NOT) were 298 persons: 15 crew members and 283 passengers. Balance of the two accidents: 537 of victims.

Although the situation is not clear in both cases, the passengers sanction the airline drastically. Despite the big picture damage, Malaysia Airlines continued to operate the flights according to the schedule. The daily operating costs amount to over 2 million dollars, and the losses amount to about 1.6 million dollars.

To save the losses, Malaysia Airlines has started to offer bigger commissions to the ticketing agencies, has made very good promotions on different routes, and yet passengers bypass this airline. An air ticket on the Kuala Lumpur - Beijing route also reached 238 dollars, given that other airlines fare around 500 dollars.

Under these circumstances, how much longer will Malaysia Airlines survive on the market? I was optimistic and thought the situation would not be so bad for this airline. It is certain that Malaysia Airlines has to take more complex measures, perhaps a rebranding, an operational reorganization, a name change, etc. Even so, the shadow of the two aviation accidents will remain.


  1. Alex Pavlicheanu says

    Under these conditions, it either disappears - bankruptcy, or disappears - a healthy rebranding.

  2. Clujeanul says

    Yes, it's a shame they were so unlucky. I have friends who are afraid to fly now regardless of the company, so I recommended them to visit Romania instead.

  3. Alex says

    to take Istanbul too - Manila with 350 eur and I fly with them as it is still a 5 star company

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