Maps of flights operated by Airbus A380 and Boeing 747

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Boeing 747 and Airbus A380 aircraft are the largest and can carry hundreds of passengers on one flight. A380 can carry up to 800 passengers in a low-cost configuration, while Boeing 747 can carry up to 600 passengers on a flight.

But no one wanted these aircraft configured for maximum permitted capacity.

Have you ever been curious to see what the maps look like with all the flights operated by Airbus A380 and Boeing 747?

Airbus A380 flights

History of the aircraft Airbus A380 to boot on 27 April 2005, with the operation of the first test flight. To date, 234 Airbus A380 aircraft have been built and delivered.

Approximate half of A380's global fleet is owned by Emirates. Thus, you can see on the map the large concentration of flights from / to Dubai. Plus focus on major airports in Europe, Asia and North America.

Airbus A380

The shortest flight operated with Airbus A380 is on the route Dubai - Kuwait (851 kilometers). And the longest flight operated with Airbus A380 is on the route Dubai - Auckland (14193 kilometers).

Airbus A380 is also present in Lufthansa, Air France, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Korean Air, China Southern Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Thai Airways, British Airways, Asiana Airlines, Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways fleets.

According to information provided by Airbus, the A380 model is compatible with 140 of airports for commercial flights and can land on approximately 400 of airports around the world in emergencies.

Boeing 747 flights

Story of the aircraft Boeing 747 started on 9 February 1969, the date of the first flight. To date, Boeing has manufactured and delivered over 1540 B747 aircraft (-100 / -200 / -300 / -400 / -SP / -8i).

Currently, British Airways has the largest fleet of 747 aircraft, consisting of 35 aircraft out of a total of 230 in operational service. And here we refer strictly to 747 passenger planes.


By comparing the flight map operated by Boeing 747 with the flight map operated by Airbus A380, we find that 747 can fly to several airports around the world.

747 is a plane that appeared in the years "70 and has influenced the development of airports. Inclusive Otopeni-Bucharest International Airport can receive Boeing 747 aircraft but is not A380 approved.

The longest flight operated by Boeing 747 is QF76 - Qantas, on the route Vancouver - Sydney. Distance traveled: 12484 kilometers. It is operated by a Boeing 747-400ER aircraft.

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