Measures in the field of air transport proposed by the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Communications.

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During this period, the state institutions present and propose all kinds of measures for the prevention and control of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, measures applicable after the lifting of the state of emergency, starting with May 15, 2020. I have informed you about the proposals of the Ministry Home Affairs and how flights could be suspended after May 15.

But let's also see the proposals from the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Communications, especially the proposed measures in the field of air transport. Below is the text on the site!


  1. Measures for rescheduling the races and the operating procedure

▪ In order to avoid congestion and - implicitly - to respect the distance of 1m between passengers, flights to take off from AIHCB, airlines / handling agencies will inform passengers to arrive at the airport 3 hours before the scheduled departure time.

In order to ensure the protection distance between persons, both the routes of movement of persons and the temporary parking surfaces in unrestricted areas will be reconfigured.. Reference is made here to the public car parks in front of the passenger terminals, to the platforms at the entrance to the passenger terminals, to the waiting rooms inside the passenger terminals, to the check-in counters (check-in, ticketing), to the public catering areas (restaurants, bars, cafes), at the information offices and the waiting area. This is necessary to carry out access control, by presenting the boarding pass or equivalent document.

In the parking lot in front of the Departures Terminal a space will be arranged (approximately 1200 m²) on which 6 tents will be placed (with dimensions of 20m x 10m) intended for grouping passengers, before access to the terminal. The tents will be equipped with chairs, flight display system, juice / snack vendors, etc.

▪ All passengers arriving at AIHCB will be directed to the sorting area located in the parking lot of the Departures Terminal.

▪ Passengers will be grouped in tents for flights that can be served simultaneously and that cannot enter the terminal due to social distance measures.

▪ In order to prevent the access to the passenger terminals of some persons who show symptoms, the obligation of thermal scanning is imposed, to the extent permitted by law 

For operation after lifting the restrictions imposed by the authorities, all the check-in islands available in the Departures Terminal will be used. (currently, the operation is performed only in the extension of the Departures Terminal, at 50% of capacity).

▪ In order to ensure the measures for maintaining the social distance, tendiflex color will be created, inside which will be marked on the floor, with stickers (floor-graphic), demarcation lines for keeping the distance of 1 m between passengers (front-back and side ).

Check-in counters will open 4 hours before the aircraft take-off time. For each flight, the responsible handling agent will ensure a sufficient number of employees, who will ensure the processing of passengers at check-in counters.

All banquets in the public area of ​​the Departures Terminal will be removed, so as not to create the prerequisites for stationary passengers, before processing them at check-in counters. The benches will be positioned in the area of ​​the tents located outside the Departures Terminal.

Airport staff will be required to wear a mask indoors and to verify in the field the observance of this protection measure.

Steps will be taken to adapt signage and video messages running on indoor monitors in the security control area, so that instructions on maintaining social distance are presented.

▪ The seats in the areas of the boarding gates will be reconfigured, by removing a seat from the set of 3 seats, (1, 2, 3…) in order to keep the optimal distance between the passengers.

▪ For international flights with boarding on the platform, se will board the buses starting with the rear seats of the plane, avoiding the congestion of buses transporting passengers to the aircraft (max. 50% of capacity).

The disembarkation of the passengers from the aircraft will be carried out starting with the front rows of the aircraft, to ensure the fluidity of the activity. Avoid congestion of buses transporting passengers to the airport (max. 50% of capacity).

  1. Additional measures to protect and maintain social distance and communication to passengers

▪ Messages to keep the distance of 2 m between people, located on the floor, in the border areas Departures and Arrivals. The signs will be placed at a distance of at least 2,3 m between them. About 40 signs were placed.

▪ The tape for the confidentiality limit compared to the passport control desk was placed at an increased distance from the one that initially existed. There were about 100 m of privacy tape, more visible, yellow, with a width at least double the initial version.

▪ Bilingual posters with the message “keep a distance of at least 2 m”. A minimum number of 30 posters were placed in the public areas of the terminals.

▪ Posters with steps to follow in order to prevent COVID-19 infection.

▪ Posters with information about COVID-19, located in AIHCB terminals (public areas and restricted areas).

▪ 6 posters for biological waste collection bins.

▪ In total, about 350 posters and informative materials were placed, representing over 200 m² of informative materials.

▪ Announcements (bilingual) are made in the terminals, to keep the recommended distance (2 m). Announcements are automatically sent every 2 minutes

▪ Installation of transparent material panels in areas where there is direct contact between passengers and AH / AIHCB employees (check-in counters, passenger access control points where DSA staff checks boarding passes / equivalent documents, personal access control point - PCA55, luggage recovery room access control point Arrivals - PCA 49, Logistic Body access control point, X-Ray filters, boarding gates, lost luggage offices, protocol salons receptions, etc.).

▪ Equipping passenger access control points with disinfectants for passengers in order to disinfect their hands before entering the security control filters.

▪ Installation of sorting tents near the Departures Terminal, for sorting passengers arriving at the airport for the flight (details in point 3.2.1.).

▪ Establishment of adequate quarantine spaces to clarify suspicions related to passengers with COVID-19 symptoms.

▪ Location of 100 additional information panels / roll-ups, with support made of PVC material, measuring 0,9 mx 2 m.

▪ Location of approximately 1000 stickers (floorsticker) with signs / messages “keep a distance of 1 m”, applicable on the floor, 0,9 mx 0,3 m.

▪ Identification of areas prone to congestion and specific display methods.

▪ The specific signaling of the external areas that will be used as a “buffer” and that can temporarily take over - and in a controlled way - the possible “extensions” of the queues from the terminal, for the cases in which, inside, the limit of health safety.

▪ Establishing the additional messages to be transmitted, as well as their periodicity.

▪ Evaluating the meeting points in emergency situations, in terms of social distance, and updating the display in these areas.

▪ The distance of the passengers on the escalators / escalators will be ensured by markings on steps and on the current hand.

▪ Permanent provision of the necessary soap and hand sanitizer inside the toilets and placement of posters on the correct way of washing hands.

▪ The restaurants and cafes from the AIHCB terminals will carry out their activity under the conditions established by the authorities.

▪ Reactivation of the "Airport helper" program by using the personnel from the External Relations, Protocol, Passenger Assistance with Reduced Mobility services, etc., to monitor the observance of the social distance rules, to guide the passengers and their departure.

▪ Equipping the airport staff with PPE, depending on the degree of exposure.

▪ OA and AH will be required to provide passengers with all necessary information, in detail, regarding the travel conditions (including the general and specific rules on security control), the rules for preventing infection with the new virus.

▪ Establishing the need for thermal scanning of passengers, in accordance with the applicable national legislation, respectively identifying the appropriate points for the application of the thermal scanning procedure.

  1. Measures of a technical-logistical nature, cleaning and disinfection of facilities and protection of persons

Approximately 10 daily air / surface disinfection operations with biocidal substance at a maximum concentration. Disinfection was performed non-stop on the arrival / departure flows of both CNAB airports (AIHCB and AIBB-AV).

▪ Disinfection of CNAB ambulances, ambulances and the medical office.

▪ Disinfection of aircraft and buses serving passengers.

▪ Disinfection of all toilets every 2 hours or whenever necessary.

▪ Disinfection of the trays from the security filters, at least once per shift or on request.

Disinfection of all access doors (including offices) - once / turn or upon request. Providing disinfectants for passenger use (in toilets, on flows, etc.).

▪ Ensuring facilities (as far as possible and legal constraints) for the purchase of protective masks for passengers, given that the measures for wearing these protective elements will be mandatory after lifting the restrictions imposed by the authorities.

▪ Installation of dispensers with disinfectant / hand sanitizer wipes in the access areas in Terminals, in the transit areas, access control and in the passport control areas. Passengers will be warned (through posters) to use disinfectants before presenting travel documents for inspection.

▪ Periodic disinfection of the current hand of escalators and fixed stairs, sidewalks, luggage trolleys, luggage belts, elevators.

▪ Disinfection of public areas at least 8 times / day.

▪ Placement of disinfectant carpets in the heavily trafficked areas of AIHCB terminals and ensuring permanent wetting with biocides.

▪ Daily decontamination of the administrative buildings of CN AB.

▪ Periodic disinfection, during a day, of the roller beds, the tape system and the security control equipment, respectively of the trays destined for the security control.


  1. Measures regarding the protection of cabin and flight crew

▪ The cabin crew has the obligation to wear protective equipment (mask, gloves, visor).

▪ Equipping aircraft with disinfectants and spare protection equipment.

▪ Training the staff regarding the use of the protective equipment and the removal of the equipment used in sanitary safety conditions.

▪ Disinfection after each interaction with passengers, their belongings or the spaces / areas touched by them.

▪ Prohibition of access to the cabin of the ground staff from the staircase, except for the one dedicated for cleaning and disinfection or of the technical staff.

▪ Use of gloves in handling operational documentation, use of own writing instruments.

▪ Wearing gloves and a protective mask in case it is necessary to leave the cockpit, disinfection after finishing the tasks outside the cockpit.

▪ Prohibition of access to the cockpit of any person who is not a member of the flight crew.

▪ Wearing a mask in the cockpit.

▪ Wearing especially long-sleeved clothes.

▪ Disinfection of hands after each use of common spaces or equipment in the aircraft.

▪ Prohibition of protective equipment or materials that could obstruct access to emergency equipment, prevent access to oxygen masks, prevent access to emergency escape routes or limit visual or auditory contact with cabin crew.

  1. Passenger protection measures

▪ Limiting / suspending the on-board service on routes / destinations depending on the level of risk declared by the authorities.

▪ Offering bottled water on request and / or prepackaged food.

▪ Limiting passenger traffic in the front area of ​​the aircraft.

▪ Limiting the use of the front toilet by passengers.

▪ Inclusion of announcements on board regarding the maintenance of the safety distance, the limitation of the service on board, the avoidance of the traffic in the plane.

  1. Disinfection of aircraft / common areas

▪ Disinfection program after each rotation.

▪ Disinfection of the briefing room.

SAME !!! These are measures proposed and under public debate. Nothing is officially approved yet. The government and the competent authorities gather these proposals, discuss them, debate them and finally approve the final form of the new rules imposed during the alert period, which will be established in Romania after May 15.

  1. Ileana says

    What about the quarantine period of 14 days after a trip to / from the country? Will it be mandatory after May 15? Are tests done before the trip (immediately before?; A few hours before ?; a few days before?) To highlight a possible infestation? Only in the case of specific symptoms? Or are all trips tested?

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      nothing is known yet what will happen after May 14

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