Coronavirus: Special measures taken by Romanian airports against the spread of the epidemic with the new Coronavirus

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These days, there is maximum effervescence in Europe because of the epidemic with the new Coronavirus. Italy becomes the epicenter of the epidemic in Europe. According to the latest report, 89 cases were registered in Lombardy (in the Milan region), 25 in Veneto (in the Venice area), 9 in Emilia-Romagna (around Bologna), 6 in Piedmont (Turin), where adds 3 in the region of Rome (Lazio).

The Ministry of Health also announced special measures that he has taken or will take. But I did not understand too many of these measures. But I learned more from airports. Given that Romania is connected to Italy by dozens of weekly flights, airports should take the necessary and additional measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

Special measures taken by airports in Romania

In theory, almost all airports need to follow a protocol for passengers traveling from Italy to Romania. At Henri Coandă International Airport, the situation is the same.

Until further measures are taken by public health authorities, passengers arriving in areas of Italy affected by coronavirus (for now, flights from Milan, Bergamo, Treviso, Turin) will enter the country on the flow intended for charter flights. Upon entry into the country, these passengers will complete a questionnaire with identification data and other relevant information. They will be assisted by DSU medical staff.

Below is the typed form that passengers have to fill out.

These measures were also taken by airports in Bacău, Iași, Suceava, Craiova, Timișoara, Cluj. CAREFUL!!! In the 14-day quarantine, only passengers who have interacted with sick persons or who have come into contact with the areas affected by coronavirus in Italy will enter. These passengers will be isolated in specialized centers. In some cases, 14-day quarantine at home will also be recommended.

It may be little for the alarming situation surrounding this epidemic. But we are talking about a flow of thousands of passengers traveling between Italy and Romania. How can they be controlled and what should happen to all these passengers?

What do you think should be done? How would you try to prevent the spread of the epidemic in the present situation?

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