Additional measures to ensure the distance between Henri Coandă airport passengers

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Last days, images appeared with the crowds in the "Arrival Terminal" of Henri Coandă airport. 3 aircraft arriving simultaneously brought over 500 passengers, who did not respect the social distance. Following the situation presented, the operational director was dismissed and further measures were taken to ensure the distance between passengers.

Currently, in order to inform the public about the danger generated by Coronavirus and to ensure a sufficient distance, of at least 2 meters, between passengers passing through Henri Coandă airport, they have been located throughout the terminal - especially in the areas where the various formalities are expected - various means of information.

Additional measures to ensure the distance between passengers

Additional measures to ensure the distance between passengers

These are: posters, text markings glued to the floor, videos broadcast on dedicated monitors. At the same time, information is constantly transmitted on the sound system and the airport staff communicates to passengers the need to keep the distance.

Măsuri suplimentare pentru asigurarea păstrării distanței între pasagerii

Given that, recently, the self-declaration of all passengers arriving in the country must be verified and endorsed, under signature, by the DSP staff, the duration for the control of documents in the border area has increased substantially.

Additional measures to ensure the distance between passengers

Under these conditions, from today, additional measures have been arranged at the airport, as follows:

  • In the case of the arrival of two races simultaneously, two different control flows will be used
  • In case of more than two flights overlapping the arrivals, the passengers of the third (and following) flights will wait for the flight to release a control flow;
  • On the arrival corridor will be placed delimitation lines of waiting lines and will be supplemented by the airport staff in the area.
  • Following discussions with representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, border guards will also act in the same area.
  • The frequency of audio ads will increase.
    We also appeal to passengers to respect the significance of the markings and the indications transmitted both through the sound system and directly by the personnel located in the area.

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