Measures taken by the regional authorities in Italy to limit the spread of Covid-19 infection

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Starting with July 24, 2020, the persons who were or have transited the territory of Romania in the last 14 days prior to arrival in Italy, are subject to the obligation of self-isolation and medical supervision for a period of 14 days.

Regional authorities may take some additional measures, depending on the evolution of epidemiological data, on the conditions of entry into the regional territory. We recommend that you inform yourself carefully about the measures in force in the region where you want to travel.

The main measures in force adopted by the regional authorities in Italy:


The Abruzzo Region adopted on 31 July 2020 ordinance no. 77 introducing some additional measures, including:

  • Carrier measurement of passenger temperature on boarding and before disembarkation; persons with a temperature above 37,5 ° C will not be allowed to board; 
  • In the case of persons using intermediate stations of public road transport, the carriers will measure their temperature before the descent and will report to the local public health directorate the possible presence of passengers with a temperature above 37,5 ° C, accompanying them until at the nearest terminal for testing;
  • Possibility to perform tests in bus stations, for people coming from Romania and Bulgaria; persons with a temperature above 37,5 ° C will be subjected to a molecular test (buffer).


The Lazio region adopted, on 28 July 2020, a orderly introducing some additional measures, including:

  • The road carriers will send, for the passengers coming from Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine, the declarations on their own responsibility and the arrival time to the local Public Health Directorate, in order to facilitate the medical supervision and will not allow the embarkation of people with a temperature over 37,5 ° C.
  • In the bus stations, upon arrival in the Lazio region, the serological test of all persons coming from Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine will be performed on a voluntary basis and, in case of a positive result, the molecular test (buffer) will also be performed; buffer tests will also be performed on all persons above 37,5 ° C.
  • If one or more persons are not allowed to travel by private / personal means of transport to the home / residence indicated before departure as a place of self-isolation, or if the home / residence is not appropriate, or is no longer available, the local Public Health Directorate will promptly inform the Regional Civil Protection which, in coordination with the Department of Civil Protection under the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, will determine the modalities and place of self-isolation and medical supervision at the expense of persons subject to measures. , with the application of the provisions of article 4, par. 4 of the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 11 June 2020.


The Region of Tuscany adopted, on 28 July 2020, ordinance no. 75 establishing specific measures for persons arriving in Italy outside the Schengen area:

  • The territorially competent health authorities shall be responsible for setting up, at bus stations operating international routes from non-Schengen countries, reception points for the registration of persons entering Italy and which, in accordance with the provisions in force, must perform the 14-day period of self-isolation and medical supervision and provide the possibility to perform serological and molecular tests (buffer).
  • People found positive with Covid-19 have the opportunity to perform the period of self-isolation in specially designed structures (health hotels). This possibility is extended to any close contacts of the person declared positive with Covid-19.
  • Also, people who cannot safely carry out this period of self-isolation at home, have the opportunity to be received in the hotel facilities present in the Tuscany region.
  • At the same time, the provisions of the ordinance of the President of the Region of Tuscany number 73 of 16 July 2020 (creation of reception points in airports where the registration of persons entering Italy from non-Schengen countries) will remain in force.

These measures, subject to subsequent amendments, shall remain in force for the duration of the Italian state of emergency.

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