Mega Frankfurt International Airport (FRA), from 6 June to 2015 (Video)

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Starting on 6 June, every Saturday, from 20: 00, Discovery Channel and Fraport AG show Frankfurt International Airport (FRA), from Germany. A new original series Mega airport, which presents the backstage of one of the largest and most complex airports in the world.

From the presentation of the control systems for air traffic and the management of the flow of passengers, to the technical maintenance of the aircraft and the security of the airport. The show does not omit any details when it comes to exploring processes related to daily operations, maintenance expenses and the ongoing development of the FRA.

Mega Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)

Mega Frankfurt International Airport received over 58 million passengers and recorded approximately 473,000 take-offs and landings only in 2013. More than half of the total number of passengers left for various destinations with another airline from this airport.

FRA is one of the main connecting hubs for flights in Europe. Provides excellent connections with high-speed roads and railways. This mega airport depends on the combined professional experience of approximately 500 of companies and organizations, with approximately 78,000 of employees working directly at the airport.

With the help of computer graphics, we enter a pilot's brain when landing, maneuvering the plane in strong wind conditions.

The cells in his temporal lobes are activated by 200 times per second, because the professional calculates which is the best option that can bring a plane of 200 tonnes, in a perfect balance.

While a team of technicians are quick to replace the engine of an Airbus A380 Superjumbo, the 20,000 of individual parts that make up these gigantic machines are presented.

An A380 left on the ground costs the airline up to $ 1 million a day, so technicians work non-stop at night, in several shifts, to complete this high-precision mission.

In addition, it illustrates how a super-treadmill system, with a length of 81 km, succeeds in constantly keeping luggage on Frankfurt Airport moving. You can see how the controllers instantly locate a single suitcase of the 140,000 simultaneously in the system.

Statements by Discovery and Fraport AG officials

“Many people know what it's like to be a passenger on a plane, but now we bring fascinating stories to life. Whether we are talking about airport technicians, baggage handling teams, air traffic controllers, security services, engineers or any of the other employees involved in maintaining and supporting the complex mechanisms that put in place and maintain an important airport.

The staff and flight crews at Frankfurt Airport gave us the perfect location to watch these stories and they were extraordinary partners for us in developing this series, "

said Brach, executive producer for Discovery Networks International.

"We are pleased to partner with Discovery Channel, together with our partners at Frankfurt Airport, in this unique presentation of a center as important to the aviation industry as FRA. It is for the first time that a large airport is presented in so many details, not only as an exploration of the chosen topics, but also as a performance of the visual presentation, supported by the newest and most advanced computer technologies. Discovery Channel brings viewers backstage at this airport to help them better understand the working systems and operations at this ever-moving and energetic airport, ”

explained Dr. Stefan Schulte, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fraport AG.

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