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Bus Reminder, the transport division a Christian Tour Group, was launched a few months ago and wants to radically change the tourism front with the Romanian coach. One of the largest tour operators in Romania proposes the new concept of low cost bus. Slogan Bus Reminder: Travel like a king with Memento Bus and enjoy smart prices, safety and maximum comfort.

Bus reminder

At first I was skeptical about this transport service, I even had moments when I criticized Memento Bus. But opinions have changed. With the introduction of the new coaches in the Memento Bus fleet, I had the opportunity to test the service on board a Neoplan Cityliner coach. After a day on such a bus, I can say that I did not feel like getting off. I can't say I was king, but I traveled comfortably. The seats are spacious and comfortable for long and very long journeys. We are not a fan of long trips by coach, the plane being on the first place in the top of our preferences, but Memento Bus is a good alternative for those who want to travel in the country and abroad, especially on circuits. We made a trip on the route Bucharest - Sinaia - Bucharest, an event organized by Christian Tour together with MHS Truck & Bus Group.


Neoplan Cityliner and Tourliner buses

Recently, ten more modern Neoplan coaches have joined the Christian Tour fleet. The total value of the investment amounts to approximately three million euros, and the vehicles are operated mainly on long journeys, on all internal and external destinations of the Romanian tour operator, depending on the seasonality. The new coaches start their races with what Memento Bus called "The largest caravan in Romanian tourism".

Christian's Neoplan Cityliner and Tourliner buses are added to the fleet of 15 coaches and several small-capacity vehicles (Mercedes Vito and Sprinter) already operated by Memento Bus. In the context of increasing activity and implicitly the number of charter flights to destinations such as Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Christian Tour also attaches great importance to Romanian tourism.

fleet reminder bus

In terms of utilities to increase the comfort of passengers, Memento Bus targets the highest international standards. The package includes: multi-media system with DVD, CD player, LCD and navigation monitors, refrigerator, high-performance air conditioning, Wi-Fi and premium passenger seats (with mixed textile plus leather upholstery, folding table, adjustable backrest, side aisle extension, foot support and magazine mesh).

Bus Reminder Tickets

Thus, with the renewal of the car fleet, all the vehicles in the fleet were checked and upgraded, so that each component of the fleet offers a similar level of comfort. The courses have very good prices, and a road from Bucharest to Constanța, Brașov, Tulcea, Sibiu, Craiova, Cluj Napoca or Iaşi starts from only 1 euro / sense.

Moreover, the flexible tariff policy and dynamic prices depending on the date of booking the ticket or the chosen flight, as well as the multiple booking facilities, prove to be the strengths with which Memento Bus enters the market for tourist coaches. Thus, the more time you reserve, the more tourists have the opportunity to get a better rate. This system is similar to the tariff policy applied by the low-cost airline companies.

In order to optimize the access of passengers to Memento Bus tickets, a dedicated online platform, where tickets can be purchased up to 24 hours before the trip. The payment methods are various: from online payment by card, to POS / cash payment in agencies or by bank transfer. In addition, starting with June 1, 2016, Memento Bus also introduces SMS payment. Do not forget! Rates start at 1 EURO / way and increase depending on several factors. We simulated a search on the route Bucharest - Tulcea, and below you can find the fare. If you want hold baggage, be prepared to take some money out of your pocket.

Bucharest-Tulcea Reminders Bus

Abroad, Memento Holidays Antalya (with investment and Romanian capital), Memento Holidays Spain, Memento Hotels in Greece (for the hotel division), as well as the four Christian Tour locations in the Republic of Moldova, Poland, Hungary and Serbia, operate on demand. they can also sell Memento Bus services.

Fleet Memento Bus

The Memento Bus fleet consists of the 10 Neoplan Cityliner and Tourliner type buses, plus 15 coaches and several small capacity vehicles (Mercedes Vito and Sprinter). 60 seats buses will be used during peak times and on destinations to which there are more tourists. A very good example in this regard is Corfu, a distant destination but sought after by the Christian Tour tourists.

In the off-season, the coaches will be operated on circuit and city-break programs, including in Romania. During the summer, there are races to the coast, to the mountain, and on holidays there are special races to Maramureş, Bucovina etc., depending on the market demand. Recently, occasional races were introduced to Electric Castle and Untold, the two events that will take place in summer in Cluj-Napoca, and the operation of a race to Sighisoara during the festival is not excluded. Cultural events also attract foreign tourists, so that all Memento Bus routes will make the transfer to / from Henri Coandă International Airport.

Being a service at the beginning of the road, we will provide all the credit that Memento Bus needs. We look forward to your feedback, especially if you have used Memento Bus services.

  1. Ion says

    In fact, Memento Bus has existed in Europe for some time, probably in Romania, it collaborates with Christian Tour, but they do not own the Memento Bus brand, indeed the coaches and drivers are different from the usual game coaches from Atlassib, but unfortunately, people still sanctify the place!

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      It is a brand developed by Christian Tour, including in Europe :). Also some business abroad, including hotels 🙂

  2. Fam. vlasceanu from pitesti says

    Pt. transport from 16, o8.2o17 time 1o Pitesti-Otopeni airport and upon return on 24.08.2017 departure to 17.30 from the Otopeni airport to Pitesti, very good appreciation for the drivers, for, cars, for. costs. pt. still, we hope to stay the same in the future.

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