I go to visit "My coast" - the Romanian coast

I go to visit "My coast" - the Romanian coast

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If I had to choose between the mountain and the sea, I would choose the mountain. But I would not refuse the sea, especially when outside could be 35-40 degrees, and the sea water would be just as good as a splash. So during the period 23-26 more 2013 are visiting on "My coast" - the Romanian coast. The info-trip is organized by Accent Travel in partnership with Happy Tour and brings together 10 + 1 travel bloggers from Romania.

I am curious what has changed on our coastline, which is the direction in which the tourism from the Black Sea is heading and what can surprise us in 2013. I have always harshly criticized the Romanian tourism on the coast, especially when it comes to prices and services, but I hope the situation has changed.

The purpose of this info-trip is to attract the attention of the online client niche, but not only, on the tourist services in this area through the advice offered by the travel agencies.

The concept of the info-trip “#Litoralulmeu” differs from the traditional program of visits, starting from the opportunities for spending free time and the diversity of activities that can be undertaken in the area of ​​the Romanian coast. We will enjoy the SPA / swimming pool, we will visit the mangrove in Mangalia, we will walk with the kayak, on Saturday we will walk with the Adornate sailboat, and on the last day of info-trip we will have a wine tasting at the Murfatlar Winery. A fun weekend is announced.

#Litoralulmeu is an event organized by Accent Travel & Events, Happy Tour and HAPPYşor, with services offered by Hotel Europa, Hotel Vega, Ornate sailboat and Hotel Iaki.

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