MH370 case: the most plausible runway - the suicide of Commander Zaharie Ahmad Shah

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On 8 March 2014, Malaysia Airlines has confirmed that it has lost contact with the aircraft Boeing 777-200ER. This operated the flight MH370, in the direction of Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. The plane had 239 passengers (227 passengers, including 2 children and 12 crew members).

This is the most mysterious disappearance case in aviation. It has been well over 5 years, and investigators do not yet have a concrete answer regarding the disappearance of the aircraft Boeing 777-200ER (9M-MRO).

For hundreds of days, teams of researchers and researchers traveled hundreds of thousands of miles across the Indian Ocean, hoping to find the plane's escape. But all this time, only a few scraps have been recovered. Officially, there are only 4 debris certified as belonging to the missing plane. But too little to complete the investigation.

The most plausible clue - the suicide of Commander Zaharie Ahmad Shah

French prosecutors are investigating MH370 case. The most plausible track remains the suicide of commander Zaharie Ahmad Shah. During the period 22-24 May 2019, representatives of French justice were at Boeing and analyzed the large amount of information available in this case, including the data recorded from the satellites.

It will take at least 1 a year until all this information can be put together. But experts in the field have concluded that certain maneuvers performed by Boeing 777-200ER could only be performed manually. So someone was on the run until the time of his disappearance.

According to other investigations, the violent collapse of the plane in the ocean would have led to the total destruction of the fuselage and the scattering of the remains on very large surfaces. As evidence, remains were found in the area of ​​Australia, but also in the African continent.

Chair if 5 years have passed, investigators have not taken a break from this case. The disappearance of the Boeing 777-200ER on the MH370 flight remains a mystery. We await the completion of the investigations and the final conclusions, whatever they may be.

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