MID SEASON SALE TAP Portugal Romania - 10% discount from the final rate

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TAP Portugal Romania has launched a new promotion for holiday destinations in the TAP Portugal portfolio. The promotion runs during 13 days of sale, and again 10% discount from the FINAL PRICE (with taxes included) is calculated by entering the code FLYTAP1RO2013, at the time of booking on www.flytap.com.

MID SEASON SALE TAP Portugal Romania - 10% discount from the final rate, with taxes included! Booking period: June 3-16 on the airline's website.

Promotion applicable for departures from Bucharest to:

- Lisbon, Madeira, Faro (Algarve), Porto
- New York & Miami
- Cape Verde Islands (Sal, Praia, Sao Vicente)

The period in which the trip can begin can be anytime in the intervals: June 3-20, 2013; September 15 - December 15, 2013; January 15, 2014 - unlimited.

The interesting part of the campaign is that the 10% discount is applied on the final fare (including airport charges), and below you have a calculation starting from the lowest standard fare:

Destination Lowest standard fare The lowest rate, after applying the discount of 10% The minimum value of the discount
Lisbon 256 Euros 230 Euros 26 Euros
Madeira 357 Euros 321 Euros 36 Euros
Faro 309 Euros 278 Euros 31 Euros
New York 559 Euros 503 Euros 56 Euros
Miami 639 Euros 575 Euros 64 Euros
Sal Island, Praia Island, Sao Vicente Island - Cape Verde archipelago 794 Euros 715 Euros 79 Euros


I made a simulation for Bucharest - New York - Bucharest, during the period 9-17 October 2013, and we found the price of 559 EUR. By adding the code FLYTAP1RO2013 the reduction of 10% is obtained and we arrive at a price of 503 EUR, a good price for this route.

  1. Claudiu says

    Bought for August last month with 260 eur back Lisbon 😀

    Instead, very cool offer for Madeira, the economy seems to be at least 150 EUR OTP - Lisbon - Funchal 🙂

  2. Sorin Rusi says

    If you juggle well with the search, you can find great deals with this promotion 😀

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