Milan Malpensa - New York with Emirates since October 1, 2013

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Emirates has announced it will launch transatlantic flights between Europe and North America, starting with 1 October 2013. The operated route will be Milan Malpensa - New York, an extension of a daily 3 flight between Dubai and Milan Malpensa.



Emirates is not on the first try. From March 2006 to October 2008, it operated flights between Hamburg and New York, but suspended these services due to competition and indirect pressure from Lufthansa.

But now he is confident that everything will go according to plan and will provide passengers with important links between the two cities. To ensure greater passenger comfort, the flights will be operated by aircraft Boeing 777-300ER configured in 3 classes: 8 seats in First Class, 42 seats in Business Class and 310 seats in Economy Class.

The schedule has been adapted to provide important connections both in Europe and the United States. Bookings were open on 8 April. The flights will be operated according to the following program:

NOT DXB 205: 09 - 05: 13 MXP 50: 16 - 00: 19 JFK 00W D
DO NOT JFK 206: 22 - 20: 12 + 15 MXP 1: 14 + 00 - 1: 22 + 05 DXB 1W D

  1. Nina says

    The fauna in OTP is ubiquitous. I had fun at the end of August around 7AM (well, that's the way it is) and I felt like I was at BBU. Nevertheless, the problem is never wide. The air safety zone around the airport had to be respected, something over which those from "Bucharest Airports" had no control. The transformation into a "business airport, because it's the same at LCY" is a bad joke. LCY is close to the center of European finance, while in our country foreign investment has collapsed by almost 100%. So who's coming to BBU now? The measure is, unfortunately, only a temporary one. There must be an airport in the south of the city (which has already been started). I can't say that I am very interested in who builds it (Nelu Iordache or MTI) as long as it is done.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      The one in the south has not started and nobody does. OTP has the power to grow a lot. And BBU will really be a business, as much as it can be. There are some private planes. Regarding security and security, OTP is fine.

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