The Mystery of Flight MH370 - Discovery Channel is investigating the disappearance of the aircraft

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With disappearance of Boeing 777-200ER Malaysia Airlines in the Indian Ocean, more and more specialists in the aviation industry have started to ask questions about the safety of passengers traveling by plane. The mystery of MH370 flight has attracted the attention of the entire world and has generated wide speculation as to how the events unfolded.

In an effort to unravel the mystery surrounding this incident, Discovery Channel brings you for the first time an hour-long documentary entitled "The Mystery of Flight 370 ″, which sets out the opinions of the most prestigious aviation and security experts on disappearance of flight MH370 of Malaysia Airlines. The material will be released on Sunday, April 20, at 16.00 time and resuming at 24.00.

Program The mystery of 370 flight It aims to find out how it is possible to completely lose connection with an aircraft, analyzing evidence and exploring the weaknesses of the aviation industry, and to find solutions that could help prevent such situations.

In an age where we can locate any kind of mobile device through technology, the documentary is trying to reveal how it was possible for a high-performance and well-functioning aircraft to simply disappear, along with the 239 passengers and with the entire flight crew. Since the aircraft disappeared from the radar device area, on March 8 2014, numerous questions arose about the safety of air travel. The mystery of 370 flight analyzes seven aspects that have been overlooked and which need to be analyzed more seriously: airport security, air traffic control, on-board communications systems, mechanical issues, radar and satellite aircraft detection, international cooperation and black aircraft boxes. 

"The mystery of 370 flight will remain a tragic landmark, which will always remind us that technology is capable of failing. With the help of professionals with extensive experience in the field of aviation, aircraft tracking systems and the satellite industry, the documentary explores the events that have taken place, focusing on possible scenarios and examining the cracks in the system ”, says Tom Gorham, executive producer for Discovery Networks International.

The mystery of 370 flight is a program produced by ITN Productions, which will be broadcast on 220 by countries and territories worldwide on the Discovery Channel, starting in April.

The mystery of 370 flight is overseen by Elizabeth McIntyre for Discovery Networks International. Tom Gorham is the executive producer for Discovery Networks International, and Emma Read for ITN Productions.

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