Modernization of the "Danube Delta" Airport in Tulcea and charter flights

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In the autumn of last year, the financing contract for the modernization of Tulcea Danube Delta Airport was signed. The work was valued at approximately 15 million. The project included the modernization of the motion surfaces on Tulcea Delta Airport: the extension of the runway with 60 meters, its widening from 30 meters to 45 meters, the development of new approaches, the adaptation of the light marking for the second category, as and expanding the parking lot for the Boeing 737 800 Series.

Airport Tulcea-2016

Initially, the deadline for completion of the works was set for 31 December 2015. But they were completed this month, and the reception of the works was done on 7 June 2016, writes

At the same time, information appeared regarding the first charter flights that will be operated from / to the “Danube Delta” Airport in Tulcea. According to the newspaper Obiectiv, the first flights are scheduled for June 14. An Airbus A320, which will carry 180 passengers, will land at 9:45. Another Airbus A321 aircraft, which will have 212 passengers on board, will take off for Vienna. Both belong to the carrier NIKI Luftfahrt GmbH, a subsidiary of Airberlin.

For the Tulcea area, I consider it to be a major event, but unfortunately I could not find any pictures with the completed works, nor from the reception ceremony.

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