Modernization of the Henri Coandă Otopeni Airport

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Today there was a conference / debate on the development projects of Romania, which was entitled “The big investments of Romaniafrom promise to reality".

We already have good news about Aurel Vlaicu - Băneasa Airport / Bucharest. But what will happen to Romania's main airport? We have news of this too.

The General Manager, Alexandru-George Ivan, spoke about the development plans of the National Airports Company Bucharest.

Henri Coandă - Otopeni International Airport will double its capacity

At the main airport of Romania, Henri Coandă, is working on widening the aircraft parking platform. 4 new positions are added. The contract for the modernization of the 2 runway will be signed in a few days.

In order to maximize the operating capacity, a vital running path related to the 1 runway will also be subjected to rehabilitation works, in value estimated by 28.073.000 lei. And for this project, the tender is in progress, currently being in the tender analysis stage.

Important maintenance work is underway starting this week. These are on the 1 runway, on the toll roads and the platform for stationing the aircraft from Otopeni.

At the same time, it is executed on the platform from Baneasa - 2.000 mc of concrete and 80.000 mp of asphalt, totaling 2.437.000 euro.

The strategic program for infrastructure development at Henri Coandă International Airport is also underway. It is in the final phase of approval the Government Decision on the expropriation of the areas necessary for the development of this project and, once this document is issued, the tenders for the design and execution of the works from the first phase will be organized.

This phase will include two passenger terminal modules, each with a capacity of 1500 passengers per hour per stream, 25 boarding gates - including 13 with a gangway - 56 of parking spaces for aircraft and 9.600 for cars.

The newly built surfaces amount to 100.000 sqm for passenger terminals, 266.000 sqm tread system extension, 22.000 sqm annex construction.

Thus, the area occupied by the airport will double, and the processing capacity will increase by more than 100%. All the investment projects of the National Company Bucharest Airports will be realized from their own sources, without contribution from the budget.

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