Changes in the TAROM summer schedule

Changes to the TAROM summer schedule

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TAROM presents the news from the 2015 summer schedule, valid during the 29 March - 24 October 2015. TAROM has in its operating program, for the summer season 2015, 43 own routes. 36 routes are departing from Romania (Bucharest, Iasi, Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca) to external destinations and 7 domestic routes.

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As I announced from January, TAROM will resume opera on the Bucharest - Valencia - Bucharest route, during the period 19 June - 28 September 2015.

"For the 2015 summer season, TAROM wants to continue the process of consolidating and developing the network of routes in the company's portfolio, in order to ensure a good product to its passengers regarding the operating program, based on market demand. In this approach, the reduction of losses, the efficiency of the use of aircraft, as well as the feasibility of the flights were taken into account. We have resumed the operation on the Bucharest-Valencia relationship and we will increase the frequencies on 5 other already existing destinations ”, said Christian Heinzmann, TAROM General Manager.

In the 2015 summer time, TAROM increases the frequencies on the following races:

Bucharest - Madrid - Bucharest (a total of 9 frequencies / week)
Bucharest - Barcelona- Bucharest (a total of 9 frequencies / week)
Bucharest - Stockholm - Bucharest (a total of 4 frequencies / week)
Bucharest - Beirut - Bucharest (a total of 4 frequencies / week between June and September)
Bucharest - Amman - Bucharest (a total of 3 frequencies / week)

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Due to the maintenance work on certain airports of destination, the operational program on certain flights has undergone small changes: Bucharest - Rome - Bucharest, Bucharest - Larnaca - Bucharest, Bucharest - Brussels - Bucharest. For the same reason, the operation of TAROM on the internal route Bucharest - Oradea - Bucharest was suspended temporarily, during the 2 March - 31 October.

TAROM canceled the operation on the following routes: Bucharest - Dublin - Bucharest, Iasi - Dublin - Iasi, Iasi - Milan (Bergamo) - Iasi.

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From our checks, TAROM changed the operational program on the Bucharest - Dubai route, in the summer season 2015. Will return to the frequency of 3 weekly flights from the 2015 / 2016 winter schedule.

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