Moments of panic at the Tel Aviv airport! The passengers had to lie down on the floor!

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On October 7, passengers on a flight landing in Tel Aviv were greeted with sirens and instructed to lie down as rockets fired from the Gaza Strip exploded near the airport. Hamas said it targeted Ben Gurion Airport, but failed to cause damage, with the airport open.

Due to the state of war, which has been established in Israel, several airlines have announced the cancellation of frequent commercial flights to/from Tel Aviv. As of Saturday afternoon, about 16 percent of flights were canceled and 23 percent were delayed to Ben Gurion International Airport, Israel's international hub located just outside Tel Aviv.

Lufthansa has announced that it will reduce the number of flights to/from Tel Aviv. The option to cancel them all is also taken into account. Air France and Wizz Air announced the cancellation of flights until new directives.

MAE Romania issued travel alert for Israel and non-essential travel is requested to be cancelled.

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