Engine damaged in an Airbus A320 Frontier Airlines (Photo)

On 30 November, the passengers of the F9260 flight went through moments of panic. The right engine of the Airbus A320 Frontier Airlines suffered significant damage after its hood came off.

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On 30 November 2018, there was a new incident of engine damage to an airplane in flight. This is an Airbus A320 Frontier Airlines, which operates the F9260 flight, on the Las Vegas - Tampa route.

Engine damaged on an Airbus A320

Shortly after takeoff, the hood of the 2 engine of the Airbus A320 (N227FR) came off, and the 166 of passengers on board went through moments of panic. It's not nice to look out the window and see how the engine hood flies.

a320-damaged motor-Air-incident-frontier

The pilots declared an emergency and brought the aircraft safely to the ground. They returned to Las Vegas after 12 minutes after taking off. This is the 40 case, from 1992 until now, in which the engine hood has come off.

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