MSC and Lufthansa want the majority stake in ITA Airways

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On January 24, MSC and Lufthansa expressed interest in taking over the majority stake in ITA Airways. The MSC Group has agreed with Lufthansa to participate in the partnership in terms that will be defined during Due Diligence.

Both the MSC Group and Lufthansa have expressed a desire for the Italian government to maintain a minority stake in the company. Furthermore, the MSC Group and Lufthansa requested 90 days of exclusivity to work on this expression of interest.

Initially, it was rumored that Lufthansa would like 40% of ITA Airways, a desire that is not foreign to the Italians. Let's not forget that in the past, Lufthansa wanted to buy Alitalia.

ITA Airways is pleased that the work done in recent months, to provide the best prospects for the company, is beginning to have the expected results, ensuring a company recognized as viable for internationally renowned partners in both passenger and passenger transport. goods. The Board will review the details of the proposal made by MSC and Lufthansa.

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