Concorde MSN1, at the Aeroscopia Museum, Toulouse-Blagnac (photo / video)

Born in Toulouse in 1969, Concorde has been the pride of France and the United Kingdom for 35 for years. Although removed from the operating system in 2003, Concorde is still in the hearts of many lovers and fans of airplanes.

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Concorde MSN1 at the Aeroscopy Museum

At the end of this year, the Aerospace Aeronautical Museum will open its doors. It will be located in Toulouse-Blagnac, and aircraft lovers can admire several iconic aircraft in aviation history, including Concorde.

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Agree MSN1 is one of the few units built in Toulouse. It flew for the first time at 6 December 1973. He took part in the test program, and then arrived in the presidential plane until 19 April 1985, when he made the last flight to Toulouse.

The aeroscopy benefits from a financial support of EUR 3.5 million, money coming from Airbus, and Concorde will be one of the main pieces to be exhibited alongside A300 and A400M.

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