The owner of the Phenicia chain, Muhamed Murad, has announced that he is setting up an airline

Phenicia chain owner Muhamed Murad announced that he is setting up an airline

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The owner of the Phenicia chain, Mohammad Murad, has announced that he will set up an airline. Already bought a Boeing plane and ordered three more, to transport tourists from the country and abroad on the Romanian coast and to rent aircraft to the travel agencies.

“I started the company because I felt the need to make a complete product. If you have the hotel and the transport means that such a package is most convenient for a tourist, who does not buy in pieces. Those who ensure the management of the company are professional people, who have worked in the field ”, Murad told AFP.

He said the company will have four aircraft by December, and the first of them has already arrived and is in Romeero, under verification. The plane is a Boeing 737 with 148 seats and is leased. The other three will also be leased and are of the same type. Aerosols are purchased from abroad.

“At the beginning, this year, starting in May, we will only use them for domestic trips, on routes such as Timisoara-Constanta, Cluj-Constanta and Iasi-Constanta, to bring our tourists to the coast. In addition to our flights, we will rent planes to travel agencies that operate charters ”, Murad said.

“We have calculated and the return price of a trip from Timisoara, Iasi, Cluj or Oradea to Constanta will be under 99 euros. At the beginning, it is possible to bear with the tourism company a part of the cost of the ticket for customers. I have found that many tourists from the country do not come to the sea because they spend a lot of time on transport and they get very hard because of the bad roads. In order not to feel the lack of their own cars, to those who will come by plane, we will provide them, this year, with 25 euros per day, cars with which they can travel while at sea ”, said the businessman.

From our sources, it seems that Mr. Muhamed Murad has not yet spoken at the Mihail Kogălniceanu Constanta International Airport for the operation of the flights. The prices announced are very good, but what will they include? Will they be tax-free or tax-free, given that they haven't talked to airports? What will the new airline be called? Just a few questions that we hope to find out in a short time.

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