The Toulouse Aeroscopy Museum received 5 aircraft, including an Airbus A380

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Starting this month, the aircraft exhibition at the Aéroscopia Museum has been enriched with 5 models, including the Airbus A380. Along with the super jumbo, they also joined the first Airbus A320 ever built, the A340-600 (MSN 360 - F-WWCA) and 2 ATR aircraft.

The aircraft were transported to the yard of the Aeroscopy Museum, but visitors must wait until November to visit them. The Airbus A380 (MSN 002 - F-WXXL) will be open to the public from the first quarter of 2020.

Airbus A380 at the Aeroscopy Museum

The A380 aircraft will be specially configured to receive visitors. The curious will be able to admire its hydraulic, electrical and electronic systems. Ballast tanks, which were used during test flights, will also be installed. There will be images missing with the manufacturing process of an A380.

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