The "AI Cuza" Memorial Museum Rustinosa and the Sturdza Castle from Miclauseni

The "AI Cuza" Memorial Museum Ruginoasa and Sturdza Castle from Miclăuşeni - #vinlaiasi (ep. 1)

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During the period 19-21 April 2013, I visited Iaş at the invitation of Icar Tours. Through the capital of Moldova I was still, but passing and without visiting too many. Iasi is a city that deserves more attention from us and should be promoted more. It is an important university, cultural and economic center, which has a great deal of history and spirituality.

The surroundings are equally important. During the little walk to Iasi, I was glad to see the "AI Cuza" Memorial Museum and Ruginoasa Sturdza Castle from Miclăuşeni, both built in neo-Gothic architectural style. I was impressed by the stories around them, the historical load that hit the walls of the two buildings, but also the people I met. Although the visit of the two palaces was made on the last day of the city break #vinlaiasi, I prefer to start with it.

The "AI Cuza" Memorial Museum Rusty

The first stop was at the "AI Cuza" Memorial Museum Ruginoasa, newly renovated and inaugurated in February 2013. Visiting this palace, I lived an important tab in the history of Romania, the one written by Alexandru Ioan Cuza, the founder of the modern Romanian State.

"AI Cuza" Memorial Museum Rusty

The museum looks great, both on the outside and inside. The new museum arrangement includes a documentary space with interactive systems, presenting information regarding the Sturdza and Cuza families, the history of the palace and the Ruginoasa estate.

I met Alexandru Ioan Cuza preaching to the people.

Inside the museum, I saw an interactive touch screen system, the first in my travel experience.

The palace has been restored after a rich documentation. The rooms are those of the old palace and they manage to show the characteristic ambience of the mid-19th century. There is a lot to say and visit, but it is better to let you discover, live your own experiences.

But words are useless when images are misleading.

More pictures with The "AI Cuza" Memorial Museum Rusty!

Useful information The "AI Cuza" Memorial Museum Rusty

- Ruginoasa locality is located in the northeastern part of Iasi county, at 12 km east of the town of Pascani and 60 km from Iaşi, on the 28A national road;
- Visiting program: Tuesday - Sunday, 10.00 - 17.00;
- Ticket prices:
Standard: 12 lei;
Students and students: 3 lei;
Pensioners: 6 lei
- Guide price:
35 lei / hour in Romanian;
50 lei / hour in a foreign language;
10 lei / person - audio headset guide;
- The filming / photographing for commercial or documentary purpose can only be done with the written agreement of the National Museum Complex "Moldova" Iasi.

Sturdza Castle from Miclăuseni

In the old documents, the Sturdza Castle from Miclăuseni appears as a palace, but in the people the name of the castle has remained and so it has been preserved to this day. So I will tell you about a castle that is not a castle.

Sturdza Castle - Miclauseni

Sturdza Castle was built between the years 1880 - 1904, in neo-gothic architectural style. Its historical value was due to the important collections: of weapons and armor from the 20th century. XVI, jewelry, historical exhibits, but the most important was the Library in Miclăuseni. Unfortunately, almost everything that existed in this castle was destroyed or stolen in the winter of the 1944 - 1945 years.

In 1947, the heiress Ecaterina Sturdza Cantacuzino donates Sturdza Castle to the Roman Bishopric, in order to establish a monastery. During the period 1947 - 1953, there was a nunnery in Miclăuseni. But from 1960, the communist authorities turned the castle into a home-school for the mentally handicapped children. In 2001, the park from Miclăuşeni, the land and the Sturdza Castle were relocated to the Metropolis of Moldova and Bucovina. Since then, the place has entered the list of historical monuments and conservation and consolidation works have been carried out.

Sturdza Castle looks good on the outside, but in a state of degradation inside. Great efforts are being made to gather fonts to help restore the castle.

The area is wonderful and quiet. Miclăuseni Park is the largest private dendrological park, with an area of ​​30 ha. In the area there are 61 accommodation places by 2 and 3 stars, and the prices are good. If I understand correctly, the double room is somewhere at 100-130 lei per night and with the morning meal included. There is internet for those who want special places

Also here I met the first church without paintings on the walls, and the dome represents the sky with the stars. It seemed strange, but the little girl who was our guide said that it was donated and maintained. If you want to relax for a few hours, a weekend, a few days, it is worth taking a break in the middle of nature and visit these wonderful places.

Below you have a photo gallery from Sturdza Castle!

More pictures with Miclăuseni Domain and Sturdza Castle!

Useful info Sturdza Castle from Miclăuşeni

- The Miclăuseni domain is at 67 km from Iasi;
- 61 accommodation places in rooms with own bathroom, single, double and triple;
- The castle can be visited in the 09: 00 - 16: 00 time range, Tuesday - Friday; between the hours of 13: 00 - 17: 00, on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays; Monday is closed.
- Wireless Internet in specially arranged places;
- You can ask for a guide.

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