Germany's national football team flew to the World Cup in Russia with the A321 "Fanhansa Mannschaftsflieger"

The 2018 World Football Championship in Russia has started. As I got used to other major sporting events, I watched the teams move to the host country. In today's article we present the move of the German football team.

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The special Lufthansa LH2018 flight took off from Frankfurt on Wednesday at 13 pm. Renamed "Fanhansa Mannschaftflieger", the Airbus A321 aircraft is customized for the big football event.

Germany's national football team traveled to Russia by plane named after the Bavarian city Lindau, temporarily renamed to honor Mannschaft's participation in the World Championship.

On board were 122 passengers and 9 crew members, including the German national football players, coaches and the technical team. The flight time from Frankfurt (FRA) to Vnukovo (VKO) was 3 hours and 5 minutes, covering approximately 2.000 km. The team landed at the final destination around 17: 00.

National Soccer-Germany

To the World Cup in Russia with "Fanhansa Mannschaftsflieger"


The Fanhansa logo was also used at the 2014 World Cup, which was won by the German national. Several Lufthansa aircraft, including a Boeing 747-8i (D-ABYO), have been customized to "Fanhansa". The welcome panels near the first two doors, on the left, are signed by the footballers, and the seat headrests are embroidered with their names and will remain so throughout the competition. Future passengers will be able to fly to places marked with Neuer, Hummels, Kroos, Muller etc.

Airbus A321-Fanhansa





On this flight, culinary specialties have been prepared to meet the nutritional requirements of the athletes' menus: 4 dishes, snacks and desserts, containing salmon, mushrooms, salads, chicken, cod, vegetable curry, basmati rice, cheese, chocolate cream white, mango puree, almond and blueberry sticks, chocolate or vanilla.

Lufthansa added 85 additional flights during this period, from / to Russia, especially for the final tournament. Football fans have 18.000 more seats than usual to support their favorite national team. On long-haul flights operated during the 2018 World Football Championship, football matches can be watched live by live broadcast or on personal devices, via FlyNet connection.

At the 2018 World Football Championship, Germany will debut against Mexico, in a match scheduled on 17 June, starting with 18 time: 00!

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