NEVERSEA Festival - July 7-9, 2017 - the Black Sea festival

NEVERSEA is the second magical story of the creators of UNTOLD

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NEVERSEA Festival is the second magic story of the creators of UNTOLD, detached from the realm of night and magic. NEVERSEA will open its doors for the first time during the period 7-9 July 2017.

It is the only festival in Europe that will transform the musical experience from the Black Sea shore into a unique journey. Those over 100 of top international artists, but also fantastic marine characters, will guide the festivalgoers through the magical land.

NEVERSEA Festival - July 7-9, 2017


The journey to the mysterious island, where time is in place, will start on NEVERSEA beach, Constanța. This is one of the largest beaches on the Romanian coast, measuring over 200.000 sqm. For 3 days, the 7 seaside scenes will help those over 150.000 participants rediscover musical diversity, interaction through music, the natural magic of the Black Sea and of course, sunrise on the seashore.

The Legend of Neversea from Laviniu Lazar on Vimeo.

Take advantage of the offer "COME FREE BY PLANE AT SEA" and book your place for NEVERSEA. A great show is announced. More information about NEVERSEA!

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