New additional restrictions have been adopted in the Netherlands: intensified partial blockade.

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Starting Wednesday, November 4, at 22:00 and until 18 November 2020, new additional restrictions to combat the COVID-19 pandemic will enter into force, under the name "intensified partial blocking".

In the Kingdom of the Netherlands, an intensified partial blockade applies for a period of 2 weeks. The measures adopted are intended to reduce the number of social contacts.

The home visits of a maximum of 2 people per day are allowed. The maximum number of people from different dwellings, which make up a group, will be 2. The measure will be applied indoors and outdoors.

The maximum number of people at funerals is 30. The maximum number of people at weddings is 20. It is strongly recommended to work from home.

For people over the age of 13, wearing a mask in public indoor spaces (including shops) and on public transport is mandatory.

All participants in the act of education in secondary and higher education will wear a mask outside of class.

The hospitality establishments, restaurants, cafes, bars, remain closed except for hotels (for people accommodated) and certain areas of airports. Home delivery is allowed.

All publicly accessible locations are closed (eg museums, theaters, sex clubs, casinos, cinemas, amusement parks, zoos, swimming pools and libraries). Exceptions are hotels, funeral homes, airports in the area after the security check, and locations that have a mixed activity will close the section with public catering function.

Retail stores close at 20:00 at the latest. Grocery stores can remain open after 20:00 and the maximum number of people allowed inside is limited.

It is not allowed to transport or consume alcohol in public spaces between 20:00 and 07:00. Events are prohibited, except for protests, gatherings and meetings organized in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Public Events.

As far as sports are concerned, this will only be possible to a limited extent. In the case of those over the age of 18, sports will be allowed only with the maintenance of a social distance of 1,5 meters and only individually or in a team of up to 2 people. Competitions are not allowed.

The following categories are excluded: Top performance athletes who work in designated locations (such as Papendal); Football players (including other employees from the same sports "cores") who work in the first and second divisions of the championship; For children up to 18 years old (team sports and mutual competitions with teams from their own club allowed).

In addition to the closure of sports canteens, showers and locker rooms will be closed. Group lessons will be prohibited. The presence of the public at sports competitions is not allowed.

It is recommended to limit travel and avoid congestion.

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