New development plans prepared by Iasi Airport for 2017

Iasi Airport consolidates its image as a successful regional airport!

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The results are visible from the first month of this year. In January 2017, the number of passengers who passed Iasi Airport reached 76.781. The increase is 84% compared to the similar period of the year 2016, when 41.805 passengers registered.

In addition, compared to January of 2015, the figures for January 2017 are more than triple. The results are encouraging, given that the first period of the year is usually weaker for air traffic.


Iasi Airport for 2017

Last year, the number of those traveling by plane to / from Iasi was 882.628, the increase being about 132% compared to 2015. Thus, Iasi Airport maintains its place on the podium of regional airports in the country, after Cluj and Timisoara. The price tag on 2017 is 1,2 million travelers.

All investments made at Iasi Airport are now reflected in the ever-increasing traffic figures, and the new infrastructure expansion plans and the connection with different areas of Europe will contribute to the evolution of passenger traffic.

The increase in the flow of passengers is due to the quality services offered by Iași Airport to passengers and partner airlines, with an important role also having modern infrastructure. We recommend them to set up their website, especially with the flight information area.

In 2017, Iasi Airport will be connected with 18 external destinations and 5 domestic, the flights being operated by four different companies. Starting in the summer of this year, Iasi Airport will enrich its route portfolio with three new cities: Berlin (TUESDAY JUNE 1), Valencia (4 June 2017) and Constanța (19 June 2017). From 3 June 2017, Blue Air will inaugurate the Iasi - Turin route.

We remind that Iasi Airport is the basis for three airlines: Wizz Air, Blue Air and TAROM.

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