New livery and rebranding for American Airlines (photo / video)

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American Airlines, 3's largest airline in the United States, has begun the rebranding process. After the rough period of the last 2-3 years, the American carrier is walking a little in the image. It starts with the announcement of a new livery for aircraft and a new logo.

American Airlines - our livery
American Airlines - old livery
American Airlines - old livery

After 45 years ago, American Airlines gave up the color scheme with the red, white and blue stripes painted along the fuselage and the eagle tail. The new livery I really like is fresh, with the US flag on the tail and the new logo painted on the fuselage. Nor did the eagle disappear completely, except that it appears in a different form in the logo.

The story of the new American Airlines livery

The rebranding can also be seen on the uniform of the attendants on board, in aircraft, at American Airlines, airports, etc. The first aircraft painted and featured in the new livery were 2 Boeing, an 777-300ER and an 737-800. Both aircraft are new and will enter the operational program later this month.

Boeing 777-300ER under the new American Airlines livery

American Airlines advertising spot

Changing the livery does not bring American Airlines immediate profit, and the rebranding process is much more complex. In the next period it would be good to see new passenger services and modernization of existing ones. In order to compete with the Delta Air Lines and United borders, American Airlines must merge with US Airways as soon as possible. Let's not forget that American Airlines is still protected by bankruptcy law.

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