New travel conditions in Ireland: restricting travel for 14 days. The period may be shortened with a negative PCR test result for COVID-19.

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Following the adoption by the EU Council of a common system for mapping risk areas in the European Union and coordinating travel restrictions adopted amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Ireland is imposing the following measures:

  • People arriving in Ireland from the red, orange or gray areas must restrict their travel for 14 days.
  • People arriving in Ireland from green areas or Northern Ireland are exempted from the travel restriction measure.
  • Regardless of the level of the EU indicator for Denmark, people arriving from Denmark to Ireland are required to restrict their travel for 14 days.

According to the government decision, restricting travel means, as much as possible, avoiding contact with other people and social interactions.

Under the new system, persons traveling for the performance of essential services and only during the performance of those tasks nu they must restrict their movements.

This category includes international carriers (including workers in the aviation, maritime and road transport sectors), children under the age of 6, as well as persons traveling for non-postponed medical reasons, imperative business or family reasons (e.g. participation in funeral ceremonies), as well as diplomatic staff.

Starting with November 29, 2020, 00:00, persons arriving from the gray, orange or red areas and who must restrict their travel for 14 days, have the possibility to reduce this period after receiving a negative / undetectable result in the PCR type molecular test for SARS-CoV-2 infection, performed after at least five days after arrival in Ireland.

Currently, the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) molecular test is the only type of test accepted by the Irish public health authorities for people arriving in Ireland from abroad.

Upon entering Ireland, by air or sea, passengers are required to complete a location form (available online or distributed by the airline or ferry company with which they are traveling). 

The correct and complete completion of the location form is mandatory. Failure to comply with the measures restricting travel for 14 days (including the declaration of false information) is a crime and is punishable by a fine of 2.500 euros or imprisonment for up to 6 months. 

Providers of essential supply chain services, such as carriers, pilots and maritime personnel, as well as diplomatic personnel, are exempted from completing the form.

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