Night work at Henri Coanda Airport

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In period, 20 July - 08 August, current repair works are being carried out at the road structure a take-off / landing runway no. 1 of Henri Coandă International Airport Bucharest.

Works at Henri Coanda Airport

For the safe and secure conduct of the airport activities, as well as to minimize the discomfort of the passengers, the repair work will be carried out only at night, during the 22.00 - 08.00 time interval.


Every night 800 - 1.000 sqm is completed, the works consisting of milling the existing asphalt mixes, on a thickness of 10 cm and the release of two new layers of asphalt mixes.

The current repairs will resume after September 8, at the same sustained rate, until the completion of the works, which will total 37.000 sqm.



Bucharest National Airport Company assures passengers and airlines that it has the technical and personnel specialized in special operations at the airport and that it has taken the necessary measures for the safe operation of the aircraft.

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