Heavy snowfall has blocked thousands of passengers on Greek roads. Flights to / from Athens were also affected!

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Thousands of passengers were stranded on a highway near Athens, the latter being covered by a thick layer of snow. A storm called Elpida covered the Greek capital, Athens, with a thick layer of snow, a very rare phenomenon for the city. Normally, Athens does not enjoy much snow in a winter season. However, earlier this year the city was hit hard by heavy snowfall.

About 3.500 people were stranded on Greek roads due to heavy snowfall. Authorities intervened to save them from the Trojans. However, some had to spend the night on the highway.

Although rescue teams worked all night to help the stranded, they could not reach everyone. Thus, about 300 drivers had to spend the night on the Attiki Odos highway.

To help the country get through this situation, Athens authorities declared Tuesday a legal holiday, which means that all public and private enterprises will be closed. Only pharmacies, essential markets and petrol stations were allowed to operate on a regular basis.

Athens citizens have also been advised not to venture into the streets, as they may have difficulty traveling or may even be stuck. And the islands of Greece, such as Santorini and Mykonos, which generally have a temperate climate during the winter season, have experienced heavy snowfall.

In addition to blocking thousands of people on the highway and causing chaos throughout the city, the snow also caused difficulties for rail transportation.

In addition, five flights scheduled for Monday have also been canceled, with authorities noting that flights in the coming days are also expected to be canceled.

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